City government organizations and mayors face increasingly high pressure to identify more efficient means of empowering their regional small-business communities with nurturing and growth opportunities. With the recent implementation of the JOBS Act and the democratization of the private investment landscape, city government officials and economic developers are scrambling to learn how the crowdsourced-capital market will help grow “Main Street” within their own region. Increasingly, city officials are seeking 21st century approaches to educating and training both government staff as well as economic development partners on innovative practices that will result in increased job and wealth creation opportunities for the local community.

But how can government staff or economic developers track the Return on Investment of an education program? The answer is through CoFund360’s white-label Learning Management System and our flagship products designed specifically for city government workers as well as economic development officers:

  • Public Innovation through Private Small Business Partnerships
  • Empowering Local Residents to Invest in Main Street

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